“Because recommended variety is simply better” – Lampenwelt.de and luminaire.fr rely on prudsys RDE

Effective immediately, Lampenwelt GmbH & Co KG, operator of online shops lampenwelt.de and luminaire.fr, provides its online customers with personalised product recommendations at various stages of the online buying process. In no time at all they integrated Germany’s leading realtime personalisation solution – the prudsys RDE – into their shops.

"Because recommended variety is simply better" - Lampenwelt.de and luminaire.fr rely on prudsys RDE

With over 50,000 products, lampenwelt.de is Europe’s leading online dealer for lamps and lighting and is known for its extensive customer orientation. True to their own slogan “because variety is simply better”, customers visiting the German and French shops at www.lampenwelt.de and www.luminaire.fr will now see recommendations for a variety of products that closely correspond to their purchasing interests and thus feature high personal preference.

This is made possible by the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine, prudsys RDE for short, from the personalisation specialist prudsys. The modular prudsys RDE is not only the most commonly used realtime recommendation system in Germany, it is also the technology leader in the field of intelligent realtime data analysis.
“Given that customer satisfaction and customer orientation are our priorities, we were looking for a solution that would gear our extensive product range towards the interests of our customers.” says Thomas Rebmann, Managing Director at lampenwelt: “That is why we decided on the prudsys RDE. It was first and foremost the sophisticated yet innovative technology behind the system that impressed us.” continued Thomas Rebmann.

Within a short period of time the prudsys RDE | Recommendations module was integrated into the www.lampenwelt.de online shop as well as into the French version at www. luminaire.fr. The module analyses current and historical purchasing and surfing behaviour and recognises patterns indicating the products in which an online buyer is interested and then provides product recommendations that have a high individual relevance for each customer.
Thanks to the integrated and innovative algorithms, this module can analyse extremely large volumes of data while generating highly qualified recommendations, even for products that have very little statistical data. The recommendations are displayed at various spots in the shop including the respective item’s page, the shopping basket page or, as planned at lampenwelt.de, as a top category on landing pages.

The module can also take individual rules into account when generating recommendations. This makes it possible, for example, to exclude certain products or categories and variants from recommendation generation.

The modular structure of the prudsys RDE also makes it possible to achieve greater personalisation in other fields such as electronic newsletters.
“Not only do we want to offer this special form of customer service in our online shop but soon we would like to add it to our newsletters as well. What that really means is that our newsletters are geared even more closely to the interests of our readership and that only items that may actually interest the newsletter recipient are recommended ” concludes Thomas Rebmann from lampenwelt.de.

Further information on these two online shops and prudsys RDE can be found here: www.lampenwelt.de, www.luminaire.fr, www.prudsys.de/en/products/prudsys-rde/

About Lampenwelt:
The cornerstone for Lampenwelt.de, an online store for lamps, chandeliers, fans, and other light fixtures, was laid in 1999. For over a century our company has devoted itself to maximizing the buying experience of our customers. We became the most visited online store in Europe in this business area. The exclusive and carefully selected assortment of over 50.000 products gives our customer a chance to choose between a wide range of indoor lights, outdoor lights, industrial lights and lamps.
With over 10 years of experience the team of Lampenwelt.de is a qualified partner and experienced provider for light fixtures and lighting design.

prudsys AG as one of the technology leader for intelligent data analytics concentrates among classic Data Mining on the development and integration of high-quality real-time analytics solutions.
The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE) is a leading service-oriented solution for real-time analytics, forecasts and intelligent recommendations. The modular structure enables to build a multi-channel global solution which matches the specific requirements. With IREUS the prudsys AG especially offers for small and medium online shops selected features of the prudsys RDE as a software as a services.

The prudsys products are used world-wide. In Germany alone, approximately 50% of the top twenty mail order businesses such as OTTO, Heine, Conrad Electronic, bonprix and Baur and countless other Top 100 mail-order specialists (Source: Versandhausberater – Mail-Order Adviser) such as 3 Pagen/3 Suisse, buch.de and Mexx rely on prudsys solutions.

prudsys AG is the holder of numerous German and international patents. Furthermore, prudsys AG is the organiser of the world’s biggest data mining competition, the DATA MINING CUP.

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