A new name for the internet: suffixes undergo a revolution

With INDECA you can secure your new chances of success in the Web
A new name for the internet: suffixes undergo a revolution

After the dot, and right to the point… Use your own brand name instead of .de or .com and raise your profile in the Web. The ICANN registration organization (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has now created totally new possibilities: from now on, practically any desired word can be registered as an internet suffix. These new suffixes are known as gTLDs, or generic top-level domains. And as always, the early-comers get the best opportunities.

Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of ICANN”s Board of Directors, sees a new era of online marketing. “We have provided a platform for the next generation of creativity and inspiration”, says the manager of the California-based global registration organization. The experts too agree that ICANN has introduced one of the most important innovations in the internet over the last ten years. In the future, anyone wishing to present a top-quality internet presence cannot afford to ignore the latest domain reform. Instead of .com, .de or .org, now practically any word can become a top-level domain. INDECA supports clients who want to use their opportunities to the full.

Digital trademark protection: stake your claim ahead of the competitors

Major enterprises such as BMW and Canon have already announced that they will be registering their names as top-level domains, thus allowing them to present their full range of products and services on internet addresses that end with .bmw or .canon respectively. Large companies are rushing to secure distinctive words and names, because registering gTLDs means active trademark protection. The first round of applications for addresses in this field will probably run from January to April 2012. So you need to act fast: companies have to revise their domain strategy right now so that they can apply for useful and meaningful names and terms. In this way you protect important addresses from the risk of domain grabbing, and thus avoid expensive buybacks from cybersquatters.

Strategy: get good advice for the new era of domain suffixes

With the help of professional support, small and medium-sized companies too can now join the league of major players in the Web. INDECA has decades of experience and excellent contacts with ICANN and other organizations, and thus has optimal qualifications to help set your course for the new era of online marketing. Take the opportunity to develop your domain strategy together with INDECA”s experienced consultants. You can thus look to a more secure future and improve the chances of your customers finding you in the Web tomorrow as well.

The INDECA service: professional support instead of red tape

Keeping to the deadlines, observing the formalities, finding your way through application procedures: there are many legal and commercial steps that need to be taken in order to put your future domain and marketing strategy reliably into practice. In future, every company that wants its own name after the dot will need to take on the role of registrar as well. This means that additional rights and obligations must be observed for the new domain. Moreover, the connection involves new technical requirements. Without an in-house specialist department to deal with all these varied requirements, even larger companies will have difficulty finding their way. And this is why INDECA has developed its fulfilment service that guides the company through the entire process with all the formal and technical steps. This makes life much easier for both decision-makers and the team, and ensures an optimal result.

Five steps to your own top-level domain

Step 1: (as of now)
– Together with the INDECA specialists you develop your domain and brand strategy and find keywords and names that you want to register as gTLDs.

Step 2: (until the end of 2011)
– INDECA creates application documents and formulates plans so that all deadlines are observed and the necessary formalities are fulfilled.
– INDECA prepares your application documents and finalizes them in consultation with you.

Step 3: (January to April 2012)
– INDECA submits the application documents to the correct authorities.

Step 4: (summer 2012)
– INDECA prepares your websites for connection.

Step 5: (autumn 2012)
– As soon as your new top-level domains are available, INDECA implements your new internet presence.

You enter the new era as one of the first companies with gTLDs and can use this head start for your successful marketing

Get started now: in its information workshop INDECA sets out the most important issues
Arrange an appointment with the INDECA specialists right now. And make the best of your chance for a successful future in the Web.

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