15 years of DATA MINING CUP – prudsys announces dates for anniversary events

In the spring of 2014, realtime analytics specialist prudsys will celebrate the 15 year anniversary of its DATA MINING CUP which is now well-estabilished around the world. Today it announces the dates for this event. On 2 April 2014, many students from Germany and abroad will once again compete to see how they measure up by solving a practical data mining task. The best of the up-and-coming data m

For 15 years, the DATA MINING CUP (DMC for short) has successfully joined the theory and practice of data mining. While the competitive component of the DMC is geared towards universities and colleges in an effort to inspire students when it comes to the topic of intelligent data analytics, the use of innovative technologies for real time analysis in business and in the economy is the second pillar of the DMC and the focus of the prudsys User Days.

In the spring of 2014 and for the 15th time, realtime analytics specialist prudsys calls on students around the world to try their hand at finding a solution to a data analysis problem. Starting 3 March 2014, interested students can register online at www.data-mining-cup.com. The start of the DMC competition falls on 2 April 2014 when the task is announced.

Those who count amongst the world’s best up and coming analysts will then be revealed during the prudsys User Days which take place from 2-3 July 2014 at Andel”s Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

It is not only the best results of the competition that are awarded at the prudsys User Days. This is first and foremost a meeting place for well-known experts and businesses used to introduce realtime personalisation projects that have been successfully used in practice, discuss technological innovations with one another and provide further insight into the potential of realtime analytics for multi-channel trade.

DATA MINING CUP 2014 at a glance:

Registration for the DMC competition begins: 3 March 2014
DMC competition begins with the announcement of the task: 2 April 2014
Deadline for submission of results: 14 May 2014
prudsys User Days and awards ceremony: 2-3 July 2014 at Andel”s Hotel in Berlin (Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin)

For more information on DATA MINING CUP 2014 go to:

prudsys AG as one of the technology leader for intelligent data analytics concentrates among classic Data Mining on the development and integration of high-quality real-time analytics solutions.
The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE) is a leading service-oriented solution for real-time analytics, forecasts and intelligent recommendations. The modular structure enables to build a multi-channel global solution which matches the specific requirements. With IREUS the prudsys AG especially offers for small and medium online shops selected features of the prudsys RDE as a software as a services.

The prudsys products are used world-wide. In Germany alone, approximately 50% of the top twenty mail order businesses such as OTTO, Heine, Conrad Electronic, bonprix and Baur and countless other Top 100 mail-order specialists (Source: Versandhausberater – Mail-Order Adviser) such as 3 Pagen/3 Suisse, buch.de and Mexx rely on prudsys solutions.

prudsys AG is the holder of numerous German and international patents. Furthermore, prudsys AG is the organiser of the world’s biggest data mining competition, the DATA MINING CUP.

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