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T-shirt Configurator on WordPress

T-shirt Configurator on WordPress

Online T-Shirt Configurator | Webiprog – web development company

Have you ever had such a situation that you do not like any of the t-shirts in the online shop? It seems that there are hundreds of them, but the colors are not the ones you wanted or the print is ridiculous or the neckline is not suitable for you. Have you ever dreamed of the opportunity to get a custom t-shirt designed specially for you?

21st century your dreams finally came true! Web development progress has gone so far that now in online stores there are special tools – configurators – that let you create a t-shirt on your own. I think, it is one the best e-commerce solutions. You just go to the website of the online shop that offers and step by step create the t-shirt you have wanted. At first you can choose the neckline, then the color, and finally you can add a slogan. You can write whatever you wish, choose the font and the size of the letters, pick up some nice colors as well. Of course, you can choose your size, as usual online stores also offer. At the final step you will see the completed t-shirt that you have designed on your own. The price is calculated, so you just have to place the order, pay for it and wait for your t-shirt. This is the miracle of WordPress development.

Since we offer development of such configurators among our services, we try to collect the feedback from our customers – online stores‘ owners – on how do they like this new function. As for today, we get only positive comments. Our clients say that integrating such configurators to their e-commerce websites arises interest among their potential customers – visitors of the online shop – which leads to more purchases. Also they mention that the traffic on their websites grows tremendously. People really like the idea of having a unique t-shirt that they designed themselves.

More over, I have to mention that not only t-shirts can be customized. In WordPress such configurator can be developed for any type of product. For example, it can be a dress, a pair of trainers, a snowboard, a dog-collar, a water bottle, a ring or even a car. Of course, this is not the complete list. I can keep enumerating on and on. Just imagine being able to customize everything that you use!

T-shirt Design Tool Features

Text Features:

– multiple text layers

– fonts, colors

– ext shapes: curve, arch, bridge, bulge, pinch, bird“s eye, wave

Clipart Features:

– various clipart

– clipart with multiple colors and outline

Upload Image:

– upload photos from desktop

Storefront Features:

– full responsive store

– compatible with the frontend theme and features

– easy payment options

– easy shipping integration

– register customers, save designs and reorder

You can see that with the help of web development you can make your online shopping more fun and more psychologically pleasant. Such custom solutions allow you to create a product of your dream on your own, therefore, you can express yourself, point out your individual personality, differ from other people. Isn’t this what all of us want?

WebiProg is a web development company based in USA offering creating quality websites, content management and e-commerce web design. We offer truly affordable solutions in web design, including content managed websites, blogs and so much more. Contact us for a free consultation on the website http://webiprog.com or e-mail info@webiprog.com

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