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Netherland’s leading electronics retailer BAS Group relies on real-time technology from prudsys

The BAS Group and prudsys AG conclude a software and development partnership. The prudsys RDE will in future be an extension of the company’s own „Concentrator“ business intelligence tool in order to expand intelligent customisation and recommendation technology and recommend products to the customers of the BAS online shop that really interest them and match their interests.


The BAS Group is one of the largest and leading electronic retailers in the Netherlands. As an operator of over 250 traditional and 17 online shops, including MyCom and Dixons, the BAS Group offers its customer a range of over 300,000 items relating to computers/laptops, cameras, mobile phone devices and games.

In order to provide more focused customer support, the company, which is located in Almere, Netherlands, has focused since 2009 on addressing customers across a number of channels and relies on a high-performance, multiple channel-enabled eCommerce-platform.
For this Diract It, the main IT service provider of the BAS Group, developed this platform called Ceyenne Concentrator, which has both varied data warehouse functions and includes comprehensive analysis rules.

In order to address customers in a more customised form, the BAS Group relies on the many years of experience of real-time analytics specialists prudsys and focuses on the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (abbreviated to prudsys RDE) customisation solution as an additional Ceyenne Concentrator extension. The prudsys RDE is considered to be leading technology and is the most frequently used real-time recommendation engine in Germany. Customers of the Dixons online shop has been shown customised recommendations since autumn 2012. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction through customised offers, another objective was to increase the number of products per shopping basket. It was possible to achieve both using the prudsys RDE. In close cooperation prudsys and the BAS Group will continue to expand the recommendations provided and further optimise the existing recommendation rules. The prudsys RDE is currently being implemented in the MyCom online shop.

Lup ten Napel, eCommerce Manager at BAS Group: „The ultimate purchase experience for customers both offline and online is top priority for the BAS Group. The prudsys RDE guarantees that our customers are shown individually relevant products at the right time and in the right place in the shop“

prudsys AG as one of the technology leader for intelligent data analytics concentrates among classic Data Mining on the development and integration of high-quality real-time analytics solutions.
The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE) is a leading service-oriented solution for real-time analytics, forecasts and intelligent recommendations. The modular structure enables to build a multi-channel global solution which matches the specific requirements. With IREUS the prudsys AG especially offers for small and medium online shops selected features of the prudsys RDE as a software as a services.

The prudsys products are used world-wide. In Germany alone, approximately 50% of the top twenty mail order businesses such as OTTO, Heine, Conrad Electronic, bonprix and Baur and countless other Top 100 mail-order specialists (Source: Versandhausberater – Mail-Order Adviser) such as 3 Pagen/3 Suisse, buch.de and Mexx rely on prudsys solutions.

prudsys AG is the holder of numerous German and international patents. Furthermore, prudsys AG is the organiser of the world’s biggest data mining competition, the DATA MINING CUP.

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